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TenTen Crew provides temporary labour crews to the construction industry. The agency specialises in providing competent construction industry teams that can be on hand to assist when your build comes under unforeseen time pressure. We take the hard work out of temp labour recruitment, utilising our wide database of exceptional team members and minimising your expenditure and time.

TenTen can supply a wealth of skilled labourers from bricklayers and carpenters, to specialist and qualified plant operatives and groundworkers. Our teams have on-site knowledge and experience, ensuring that your expectations are always met. We are perfectly positioned provide your construction company with highly skilled temporary labour teams, who remain committed to our work ethic and ethos. This means quick turnaround and higher workplace efficiency for your build.

TenTen operatives and office staff work within the events industry, meaning we truly understand the need to quickly supply and mobilise workforces to keep up with demanding build schedules and unforeseen on-site issues. Our agency is a leading supplier of labour and temporary staff to the events industry, with 100% client satisfaction in terms of customer service and experience. We work with businesses to provide the highest level of bespoke temporary staffing solutions and supply of the highest quality candidates with excellent work ethic, in line with our exceptional standards.

As a CHAS-accredited workforce, health and safety is a top priority for us and our teams. A such, we are currently working hard towards providing a 100% CSCS accredited workforce, with a large proportion of our labourers already CSCS qualified. We are constantly gaining CSCS qualifications for all of our new applicants, as well as supporting existing labourers with training, enrolment, test booking and revision, where required.

Based in London, TenTen construction crews are available within London and the Southern and home counties, as well as throughout the UK and mainland Europe. Specialist crews can be requested for Dubai and the UAE.

We are always looking to expand our teams and are constantly recruiting the following:

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