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Specialist installation crews for European kit

Our crews are specialists in European structure kit: we work with world leaders like Röder HTS, Losberger, Spantech, De Boer, etc. and have experience in all aspects of temporary structure construction. If you’re working within a strict timeframe, bring in the experts. Your project will be handled by highly skilled and rigorously trained staff, particularly when it comes to the build of high-end European structures. We are proud to be a CHAS-accredited labor supplier, meaning all men have undergone the most stringent health and safety training available within the industry.

We are able to provide crew in a supervisory capacity, particularly when it comes to building specialist kit. We are also able to supply general workers who are competent working under one of our professional crew chiefs and your foremen on site. Crew are IPAF accredited and hold PAL cards, meaning they are capable of operating elevated work platforms such as scissor lifts and telehandlers.


Providing crews to some of Europe’s biggest marquee companies

We are the undisputed UK-leaders when it comes to temporary structure-specific labor and provide crews to some of Europe’s biggest marquee companies, such as Arena Structures, Neptunus, Losberger/De Boer and GL Events. We have a strong pool of crew who are available to travel at a moment’s notice and legally able to work anywhere in the world. Our crew tend to work and travel together throughout the year, building up an exceptionally strong bond within individual teams.

We’ve had huge success working in the USA in recent years, our clients being unfalteringly impressed with our level of dedication and professionalism. We are now focusing specifically on expanding into the USA, as we are confident that we provide the best possible solution for companies using European kit. Why use general union workers when you can bring in the experts?


Cost effective – faster & smarter – no hidden costs

We provide a surprisingly cost-effective solution and recommend getting in touch to talk numbers based on individual requirements. Our teams work faster and smarter owing to their experience and specialisms, as well as their strong work ethic and outstanding bonds within crews.

Our rates are simple and transparent, we believe in being upfront with clients about all aspects of the costs involved, so once it’s been agreed that’s it: no hidden cost, ever. Our crews work hard, and this helps ensure that we provide a cost-effective solution to you, the client.

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